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Nov 12, 2012 6:30pm EST
se quiere ir de mÉxico a rusas. >> temblÓ la tierra justamente en guatemala justamente cuando hablaba el presidente del paÍs. >> venecia sufre los estragos de un implacable temporal e inundaciones vean esto. >> la comunidad ha tenido Éxito empresarial en chihuahua pero despuÉs de casi un siglo sentado, muchos quieren irse a rusia y todo debido a una sequÍa y disputa con campesinos en la zona, como nos explica desde chihuahua los estÁn acusan de rob robarse el agua. >> despuÉs de 90 aÑos que son prominentes empresarios que cultivan maÍz, trigo y famosos por la elaboraciÓn de quesos pretenden irse a vivir a rusia. >> de 4-10 hijos ¿cÓmo que no crees? >> ¿cuantos hijos tiene usted? >> 6. >> la intensa sequÍa en el pais los aleja. >> es que necesitan terrenos para trabajar y como aquÍ hay conflictos sobre aguas del nivel del agua y que no llueve y que faltan tierras y por eso tienen ganas de ir a vivir allÁ. >> germÁn m. viajÓ a rusia, es de los pocos que utilizan una computadora porque entre ellos se prohÍbe el acceso a internet y televisiÓn, fotografÍas en donde les
Nov 12, 2012 6:30pm EST
. >>> 160 rÉplicas de guatemala despuÉs del terremoto de la semana pasada, el gobierno se esfuerza por controlar el pÁnico en las poblaciÓnes mÁs afectadas, ampliamos desde la capital de guatemala. >>> los temblores que a diario se producen hacen que el drama de los afectados por el terremoto sea cada vez mayor, los albergues no dan abasto. >>> fue trÁgico lo que vivimos el pueblo, estamos de luto porque son siete personas que estÁn muertos de nuestros vecinos. >>> los cuerpos de socorro suspendieron las labores de rescate por la inestabilidad de los suelos y las constantes rÉplicas. el presidente entregaba un balance de la situaciÓn. >>> vamos a proceder a evacuar y dar el ejemplo de lo que hay que hacer. >>> los temblores van a continuar varios dÍas. >>> se han seguido dando desde el momento que temblÓ fuerte. >>> diez mil casas con daÑos en las que casi tres mil quedaron inhabitab inhabitables. >>> comandos del ejÉrcito trabajan en la demoliciÓn de las casas que representan un peligro para la poblaciÓn, en los albergues no hay espacio. hacinamiento y la falta de aliment
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
the victims of week's earthquake in guatemala was an 11 year boy born in santa clara. he was trapped under the rubble with nine relatives when the quake hit on wednesday. the boy's parents are american citizens who still live in the united states. he was one of 52 people who died in that earthquake. meantime, aid is arriving in guatemala from around the world. soldiers unloaded a plane carrying supplies from the venezuelan government. the u.s. state department is sending disaster relief an offered helicopters as well. the quake was the strongest to hit gaul guatemala since 1976 when a earthquake killed 23,000 people there. >>> union reps are at this bargaining table for striking grocery workers. talks resumed a week after the strike began. both are at odds over wages and benefits including a plan to eliminate health care benefits for retirees eligible for medicare. this is the first strike in the history of the grocery chain. there are 40 stores affected by that strike. >>> a veteran bay area school bus driver lost her job after raising concerns about mechanical problems with her bus
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
disaster aid. >>> laura, we now know one of the victims of last week's earthquake in guatemala was an 11-year-old boy born in santa clara. he was trapped under that rubble along with nine relatives at his family's quarry when the 7.4 quake hit wednesday. the boy's parents are american citizens who still live here in the states. he was one of at least 52 people who ended up dying in that quake. >>> meantime, aid is beginning to arrive in guatemala from all over the world. soldiers unloading a plane carrying tons of food and supplies from the venezuelan government. the u.s. state department is also sending disaster relief and has offered u.s. helicopters. the quake, the strongest to hit guatemala since back in 1976, when an earthquake killed 23,000 people. >> so tragic to hear that. and a reminder too that we all need to be prepared right here in our own country. >> absolutely. christina loren is here now. we need to be preparing for cold today. >> that's right. bundle up. maybe you have the day off. hopefully you're in bed joining us this morning. we envy you from here at the nbc ba
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am EST
the of guatemala's pacific coast. it is also -- was also felt in el salvador and mexico. days of relentless rain have left more than two-thirds of the libyan -- italian city of venice submerged. thousands have been forced to flee. 70% of venice has been flooded, and more than 200 people evacuated from their homes in tuscany because of severe weather. a combination of the heavy rains and strong winds did caused the flooding and many have been evacuated from the area. let's talk to alan johnston and has been covering this from rome. what are you hearing there? >> this is a kind of year when dennis knows it must brace for flooding. this is a time of year for these weeks in autumn, where large, high tide surges through the city on occasion quite commonly. but what we have seen over the last 24 hours has been something extraordinary. the six highest tides since records began back about 130 years ago. at one point, as he said, 70% of venice was under water yesterday. strong, southerly winds coming up the adriatic, driving mass of water into venice's lagoon. and torrential rain across a
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
people and left thousands more homeless. it was the strongest earthquake to hit guatemala since 1976. >>> it has been almost two weeks since hurricane sandy slammed into the atlantic coast. 120,000 homes and businesses are in the dark. the majority of them, estimated 100,000 people are on long is land. 19 -- long island. 17,000 are without power between new york and new jersey. on this day in celebrations in places that look like war zones. >> reporter: new york's veteran's day parade was a absolute to the recovery from sandy, at least in manhattan. >> i feel like i am back in vietnam. >> reporter: but 14 miles away in brooklyn, veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national guards man to give him 5 free gallons. without the gas for this tkpwepberateor you would be in trouble? >> i would not be able to charge a cell phone and that is a lifeline to the shurps companies and to the family who are trying to find out if you are okay. >> and no heat? >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class beach community all of the streets were flooded by the storm
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
million meals and snacks to people in need. >>> things go from bad to worse in guatemala after another large earthquake rattled the country. a 6.5 magnitude quake struck the country's pacific coast, sending people running for cover just days after a 7.4 magnitude quake on wednesday. that quake is being blamed for 52 deaths as well as serious structural damage. so far it looks like this newest quake has not claimed any lives. >>> on the other side of the world, an earthquake destroys ancient placesf worship in myanmar. the 6.2 magnitude quake rocked the small east asian country. it caused buildings and bridges and collapse as well as ancient pagodas. 18 people are feared dead. >>> a teenager faces charges for scaring people in a colorado movie theater. "the denver post" says a 17-year-old boy wore a mask resembling the joker from the batman movies into the movie theater in boulder, colorado. the teen was unarmed and didn't threaten anyone but sent several people running from the theater. in july more than 12 people were killed and 30 injured during the showing of a film "the dark knight
Nov 12, 2012 2:05am EST
the crisis. >>> another earthquake rattled guatemala days after a stronger quake killed more than 50 people and left thousand homeless. sunday's 6.5 magnitude quake was the strongest aftershock to hit since wednesday. forcing panicked residents out into the streets. but this time, there were no reports of deaths or major damage. thank goodness. >> yes. with that a look at your holiday monday forecast. mountain snow in the cascades. northern rockies. some rain from seattle to portland. boise. frost and freeze warnings in southern california, arizona, and new mexico. shu showers and thunderstorms, cleveland to detroit. nashville, new orleans. >> beautiful along the east coast. 60s from new england to new orleans. mostly 40s in the nation's midsection. and the northwest. >>> here is a cool story from port saint lucie, florida, a special honor for a special kid. >> that kid is suffering from cerebral palsy and confiened toa wheelchair. >> one of the friend. a cheerleader, rallied their senior class which crowned him homecoming king. but maybe the greater moment was when he surprised ever
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am PST
guatemala was an 11-year-old boy born in santa clara. he was trapped under the rubble with nine relatives when the 7.4 quake hit wednesday. the boy's parents are american citizens who still live in the states. he was 1 of 52 people who died in the quake. meantime help from around the world is arriving in guatemala. planes with food and supplies arrived. the u.s. department of state is sending disaster relief and offered u.s. helicopters there. >>> we'll take a look at the forecast and the roads after the break. >>> welcome back. 10:28. looking at crystal clear conditions over mt. tam. 64 in livermore and 62 in san francisco. the full seven-day forecast today at 11:00. first, mike has a traffic alert for you. >>> look at this. this is downtown san jose. light volume overall today. the live shot will show you southbound 87 just as you approached 280. folks getting by are getting over to the alma off ramp. you need a couple of flatbed tow trucks to clear it out. this is south 87 heading downtown. right underneath the interchange here as the rest of the south bay is fine. marla. >>>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)